by Saket Bhushan (@gamebit07) on Tuesday, 24 April 2012

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Configuration Management

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To automate provisioning of a cloud server with Chef and deployment of source using Fabric.


Chef is an open-source system integration framework built for automating cloud server provisioning. Fabric is a command-line tool to automate common sys admin tasks on a remote server.

The source code of an app needs to be deployed at a hosting provider. Depending upon the traffic the host needs differential treatment in provisioning.

The talk covers aspects of chef as a provisioning tool at various levels of cloud infrastructure. An in depth talk about when to use chef server and chef-solo. Some other wrappers built around chef that makes life easier while working with chef.

The talk also aims at showing how cookbooks and recipes are written which the chef will use to prepare(provision) the dish(server).

The latter half of the talk covers fabric as an automated deployment tool.


you should understand what <ls> <cd> and <a =range(1, 100); print a> mean.

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I am an open source enthusiast, python developer and sysadmin. I work at