by Anand Shankar (@anandvns) on Friday, 10 January 2014

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Technical level


Our ojective will be to discuss variaos tools and plugins which help us to write an effective code with test driven approach when developing a big project.


Brief discussion on automated code building and test execution using Hudson/Jenkins and generate test report in Sonar.
How to write code to get best unit test coverage.
Discussion on code complexity and code violations.


This talk will be more focus on best practices in coding and managing big java/j2ee projects.

Speaker bio

8+ years development experience.
Researching on various tools and technologies parallel to the IT advancement.


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    [-] Vamsee Kanakala (@vamsee) 4 years ago

    Hi Anand, can you flesh out the description a bit more about the tools used and how it is relevant to the devops focus of the conference? Are you sure a major part of your talk will be discussing topics relevant to the theme of the conference?

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    [-] Ajey Gore (@ajeygore) 4 years ago

    Is this a CI primer?

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    [-] Sreekandh Balakrishnan (@gnuyoga) 4 years ago

    Hi Anand,
    Certainly interesting topic. Can you define "big" ? How was the team working before. How this tooling made things better for your team ?

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