by Manu PK (@manupk) on Sunday, 2 March 2014

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Technical level


Its important to have mechanisms to effectively track and improve code quality of the software we build. SonarQube is a open source code quality management platform. This talk focuses on the Need, Setup, CI Infrastructure and administration of the SonarQube. We will also discuss effective strategies which can be used in rolling out the platform to your teams.


The talk focuses on the below topics

-Defining & Measuring code quality -SonarQube Platform Overview -SonarQube - DevOps View -SonarQube - For the Developers -SonarQube - For the Management -Strategies for effective usage

Speaker bio

Manu PK works as Associate Lead Software at Schneider Electric where he designs and develops web based applications using Java and related technologies. He blogs @ on his experiments with technology and is a gust author on DZone. He is a contributor to developer community by participating on technical discussions mostly at Stack Overflow. He speaks at various community events some of which can be found here @ His current interests include Modern technical architectures, Polygot Persistence, JVM and Agile Practices.