by Anshu Prateek (@anshprat) on Wednesday, 25 March 2015

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Crisp talk

Technical level



To get a high performance persistent storage up and running in AWS environment - one which gives the performance of direct attached ephemeral SSD disks along with the persistence of EBS.


AWS persistent storage is provided by EBS,S3 and Glacier. None of these line up for high performance realtime requirements owing to the fact that they are network based solutions and have other bounds (like IOPS in EBS). Ephemeral SSDs on the other hand provide a high performance storage device which is directly attached to the instances. However the main problem is they are ephemeral, i.e, not persistent. Bcache brings these two together to give a high performance and persistent storage device in cloud.

Bcache is a kernel module available since kernel version 3.10. This talk aims at best practices for getting a bcache volume up and running in EBS environment and how to use it with your application.

Speaker bio

I have been working with Aerospike for the last two years. I worked on devicing the bcache solution for using Aerospike in AWS.