by Anand Chitipothu (@anandology) on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

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Technical level



To provide in-depth comparison of MySQL and PostgreSQL, highligihting the advanced features of PostgreSQL.


MySQL is the most popular database server, but popular doesn’t always mean the best.

PostgreSQL on the other hand is less popupar, but claims to be the most advanced database server.

In this talk I plan to do a in-depth comparision of MySQL and PostgreSQL on various fronts.


  • Brief history of MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • MySQL ate my cake - cases where mysql strips data without telling you
  • MySQL vs. PostgreSQL in Database Maintanance
    • creating indexes
    • alter table
    • auto increment issues
  • Exection Model - MySQL threads vs. PostgreSQL processes
  • Replication - How replication works is MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Advanced Features of PostgreSQL
    • Write Ahead Log and Point In Time Recovery
    • Table partitioning
    • partial indexes
    • JSON type
    • fuzzy string matching
    • views

Speaker bio

I’m an independent software consultant and trainer.

I’ve been using PostgreSQL for long time. During my work at Internet Archive, I’ve migrated their database server from MySQL to PostgreSQL and learnt lot of things about both of them during that.


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