by Abhinav Modi (@abhinavm) on Wednesday, 1 April 2015

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Crisp talk

Technical level


This session will focus on demonstrating the use of Ansible with the Cisco Nexus series of Data Center Switches.


With Programmability becoming a key requirement in networking, the industry is shifting to a Devops model for network management as well - Manage the switch (or any networking device) as a Linux machine. Networking vendors are also facilitating this by supporting access to the networking devices beyond just SNMP and CLI - Netconf, REST Like APIs to name a few.

This session focuses on some use cases and walkthrough of tools available for getting started with Network Automation on the Cisco Nexus switches, using Ansible.

Speaker bio

I am a Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco. My focus areas include programmability and manageability on the Nexus series of Data Center Switches.