by Mark Lavi (@marklavi) on Friday, 8 May 2015

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Status: Confirmed & Scheduled
Crisp talk

Technical level


Mapping the transition from virtual machines to containers


Mark will talk about

Light application level containers vs a ‘heavy containers’

Refactoring containers as layers

Immutable Infrastructure versus Configuration Management (for containers)

Container Deployment & Orchestration as the next challenge to solve

Speaker bio

Mark has about 20 yrs of experience working with Infrastructure in the Ops/DevOps space. Starting out at an ISP in the pre world wide web days, Mark cut his teeth as a webmaster at, and Among other things, Mark used to be an evangelist at this little company called Netscape in the 90’s. Over the last few years Mark has gone from an evangelist to managing Ops to running DevOps teams with a hands-on approach. Mark currently spearheads the Idea Device Bay Area office as a Technology Evangelist.