by Raj Shekhar (@lunatech) on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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This talk is for people who are thinking about the moving to Mesos and will help them understand what to expect and how to do the migration.

Description is the URL shortening service created by Twitter. As part of scaling up, moved to using Mesos. We saw significant gain is deployment speed, scalability and reduction in operational headaches.

This talk will provide an introduction to Mesos+Aurora, and cover how service migrated from running on physical hardware to Mesos. It will also cover the challenges had during the migration, the “gotchas” and debugging techniques for uncovering performance issues.

- Introduction to Mesos + Aurora - Benefits of moving to Mesos - Migration steps for moving from to Mesos - Challenges faced and how overcame them

Speaker bio

I have been working as a site reliability engineer since 2005, first at Yahoo! and currently at Twitter. In 2013, I worked on moving, the URL shortening service created by Twitter, from physical host to Mesos service.


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    [-] Philip Paeps (@trouble) Reviewer a year ago

    An outline or work in progress slides would be very helpful.

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