by Yagnik (@yagnik) on Sunday, 31 January 2016

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Technical level


The talk is intended to help understand how to scale operations and developers with the help of cultural and process changes that allow you to innovate faster with higher accountability and reliability.


Operation teams usually end up being small, centralized and usually overwhelmed with production deploys and issues at most organizations. Along with high pressure, most organizations are unable to grow their operations team at the same pace and reliability as the rest of the product making them the obvious bottleneck from slow release cycle, to lack of knowledge about the system in case of failure.

This talk will dive into how we are evolving the traditional model of operations into a nimble, decentralized and self servicing team that enables infrastructure and product in order to accelerate our speed of innovation while maintaining reliability.

Some topics that will be covered as part of the talk are:

  • history of operations at companies and how it usually evolves

  • issues faced by operations and the organization

  • how site reliability engineering changes our perspective

Speaker bio

Yagnik builds infrastructure and services @ Snapdeal


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    [-] Jasnoor Gill (@jasnoorgill) 2 years ago (edited 2 years ago)

    Sounds like an interesting talk about ops at a large Indian startup :)

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