by Umang Dhawan (@umangd) on Thursday, 25 February 2016

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Status: Submitted
Crisp talk

Technical level


To discuss the challenges faced in managing and deploying to hadoop clusters on the cloud and how to tackle them


I will discuss the following unique aspects of our DevOps stack:

  • Requirement of bringing up > 100 node hadoop clusters within 2 mins.
  • Rolling deploys of Hadoop clusters and clients in the presence of long running jobs
  • Autoscaling clusters to ensure optimal efficiency and expenditure
  • Supporting multiple public clouds - AWS, GCE, Azure
  • Allowing users to install their own software.

I’d like to discuss our strategies in handling issues like this and talk about tools that we’ve developed/discovered along the way.

Speaker bio

Currently working as a DevOps engineer at Qubole. Before this was a Platform engineer at BrowserStack, working on AWS and a custom private cloud setup. You can find more about me on LinkedIn -