by Rohit Gupta (@rohit01) on Thursday, 17 March 2016

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Technical level


The objective of this workshop is to highlight the challenges of generic JSON parsing in a strongly typed language such as #golang. At the end of this talk, participants will be able to design config driven applications, with strong validation and friendly error logs.


Draft plan - topics to be covered

  • Simple JSON parsing in golang
  • Think relationship between configurations
  • Dont repeat yourself, Composition (HAS-A) relations
  • Interface and Typecasting objects
  • Validating configuraton
  • Exception handling to generate syntax error summary
  • Opensource project example: rohit01/auto-refresh-ami


  • Basic golang understanding (syntax).

Speaker bio

Rohit is a technologist, explorer and a proud Indian.
As a technologist, he has worked in the area of convergence of telephony over the web. He has worked as an infrastructure engineer, product developer, did customer support, helped built teams and also led a team of 10 DevOps developers. Rohit loves open-source, started a Linux User Group at his university and has an active Github profile.
As an explorer, he loves to try out new things. He loves trekking, photography, challenged himself with vipassana meditation and long distance bike tours.

You can find more about him at