by Kirubakaran D (@kirubakaran-d) on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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Status: Submitted
Crisp talk of 15 mins duration

Technical level



High availability has never been so popular than in the recent times. Businesses demand continuously available systems. Incorrect configurations to infrastructure / vulnerable software versions could potentially lead to a system outage or a security vulnerability. Remediation efforts were manual and reactive. IVT - a home grown solution validates & reports Infrastructure deviations in real-time. It helps achieve high availability and performance goals like uptime, reduced mean time to recover, software and configuration hygiene.


Problem statement
Why a homegrown tool?
Adding a new data collection system.
System High level architecture

Speaker bio

I am a staff software engineer working with Intuit. I have close to 10+ years of experience working in a wide range of companies from startups to well established firms and experience working with wide range of technologies. I would like to share my experiences working on this project.


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    [-] Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 12 days ago

    Is IVT open source? Also, what are the key takeaways for someone attending this talk?

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      [-] Kirubakaran D (@kirubakaran-d) 5 days ago

      No IVT is not open source, However ivt leverages other open source tools. It is more of an aggregator that consumes other services.

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        [-] Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 5 days ago

        If IVT isn’t open source, what is the value proposition for the audience? If they cannot use the tool by the end of the talk, what is it they takeaway from the talk?

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    [-] Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 12 days ago

    Please record, upload and share link to a two-min video explaining what this talk is about, and why some should attend it. We need this information by next Wednesday, 22 Feb.

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    [-] saurabh hirani (@saurabh-hirani) 3 days ago

    can you open up the slides for general access? none of the rootconf slides are supposed to be closed or need permission for viewing. it helps the audience to understand and vote your proposal.

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