by Ashwini Mutalik Desai (@ashwini-md) on Thursday, 23 February 2017

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Full talk of 40 mins duration

Technical level



Microservices help in breaking large software projects into loosely coupled pieces, which then communicate with each other. It has its own pros and cons but the challenges come while building an infrastructure for the same. The easier it gets to understand the system and interactions as a result of such an architecture, harder it gets in making sure deployment strategies mimic the understanding since they have multiple deployables having different levels of interactions and dependencies.
This topic revolves around defining way/s of deploying microservices.


I would like to share my experience/s which our team/s had while building and deploying microservices.
1. Strategies we used for designing the infrastructure.
2. Challenges we had while doing so and how did we solve them.
3. The composition of services for running functional tests across, running contract tests, orchestrating them for deploying on an environment, on demand deployment of a single service without getting the environment down

Speaker bio

I am an application developer at ThoughtWorks. Over these past 3.5 years of my experience, I have got to work in completely different domains and technologies. While setting up continuous integration and continuous deployment for my last two projects based on microservices, I have evolved through the knowlegde, understanding and ideas of doing these things better.
Owning to the challenges that arise while building and deploying these systems, I intend to share my experince. The audience will get to understand diffferent ways of acheiving infrastructure setup in such an architecture.


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